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Jamie Sexton

Area Manager, Edmonton

Spending most of her life living in Alberta, Jamie calls Edmonton home alongside her fiancé and four girls.


Growing up around the elevator industry, choosing a career within it seemed like a natural choice.  Jamie was the first, female registered apprentice in Alberta but decided to pursue an education in Business.  Ultimately, after a career with the RCMP and Department of National Defense, she came back around to elevators. 


"I'm truly excited to be part of a company that allows me to combine my genuine interest for elevators with my desire to provide customers with a level of service that I can feel proud of.  When you contact us at Ryzure, often the same person who answers the phone will be the same person fixing your elevator.  It's not because we are small, it's because we care that much.  There is an element of personalization that you won't get anywhere else!" 

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Matt Brodie

VP - Area Manager, Calgary

A born and raised Calgarian, Matt is proud to be part of a local company trying to make a difference in the industry. 

Matt has over 14 years of industry experience in varying roles from apprentice to supervisor.  His experience also covers all sectors of the business with a heavy focus on construction and modernization.  

Matt is the proud father of four young children and loves spending time with family.

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Gavin Langley

President and CEO

Originally from Halifax, Gavin and his family were relocated to Calgary in 2013.  


Gavin started his career as an apprentice at his family's elevator company and worked his way through the business to a senior position at a multinational elevator company.


Tired of the corporate world, he left in 2019 and after a brief foray into consulting, he decided to start a company with a focus on service but more importantly, transparency.

"Every business exists to make money however we have not made that our primary goal.  We view business as an infinite game based on long term, sustainable growth.  When you plant a seed you don't expect a tree the next day and the expectation for our business is the same.  We would rather take the time to develop lasting relationships than make a quick buck."


"Have fun, make money, always get invited back"

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