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Elevator Safety Code

  Hire a Contractor to Ensure Compliance with the Latest Elevator Safety Code

For those who are good with machines, the thought of hiring someone to do repairs is typically anything but exciting. After all, professionals charge quite a bit for their time, and someone with their own skills normally wouldn't have to pay that. However, the elevator safety code requires licensed professionals to do the work on these devices.


There are actually some good reasons for this requirement. The first is that out of all of the people who say that they can fix things, it is likely that less than 10 percent can do so with the quality of a contractor. The other 90 percent usually want to save money, and believe that they can figure things out "well enough." Some may be able to do so, but many actually are not. Mistakes are made, corners are cut, and the end result doesn't keep working for long.


If the device in question was the DIYer's own automobile, this wouldn't be a problem. When a car breaks down, it's usually no more than an inconvenience. However, an elevator can cause death or injury if it breaks down. If the elevator car is on the second floor and its cable brake goes out, whoever is riding is dropped to the bottom of the shaft like a boulder. Alternatively, if the electrical system or motor stop working, the people can be stuck in the elevator for hours. Not only that, several people can be inside an elevator car at the same time and will be harmed by any problems.


Because of these dangers, the government needs more than someone's own claims to verify competence. The most efficient way to get this is to require elevator construction and maintenance technicians to be licensed. In order to get the license, a test must be passed. While this is frustrating for those who really do know what they're doing (but don't have a license), it is indeed essential for public safety.


A current license also ensures that holders know the latest safety code for elevators contractors. The elevator safety code is frequently updated as new findings are made and new technologies are put into use, so what was acceptable 20 years ago likely is not allowed now. These changes affect everything from new elevator construction to any needed updates to older systems.


If you are the owner of an elevator or the manager of a building that contains them, be sure that you are in compliance with current safety requirements. Hire a company that will maintain and repair your elevator systems to meet the safety code for elevators contractors.

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