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Elevator Testing

  Be Ready: Get Elevator Category 5 Testing Now

The Maintenance Control Program of Alberta actually went into effect in 2017, but it's elevator Category 5 testing requirement has a deadline of 2022. It's easy to think that, with two years to go, you have plenty of time to get it done. However, when the deadline looms large, there is sure to be a rush of people trying to schedule testing appointments. This means that it will actually be difficult to meet the deadline if you wait until it is too close. It's better to go ahead and get your elevator Category 5 testing done now, so you can rest easy when that deadline arrives.


This testing covers an elevator's rated load, rated speed, and safety. An elevator that doesn't pass will need to be repaired. If your elevator has seemed too slow or weak, you should definitely get it tested now. That will leave you plenty of time to get needed repairs completed. You don't want to be rushed if work has to be done, because rush repair service is typically more expensive.


To ensure that an elevator remains safe after the initial test, you will need to have an elevator mechanic test again every five years. The best way to ensure that ongoing testing doesn't lead to trouble is to set up a maintenance contract with us here at Ryzure Elevator in Alberta. Our ongoing maintenance will ensure that everything stays lubricated as it should be, preventing the premature wear of parts. It will also allow any emerging problems to be caught before they cause serious difficulties or compromise the safety of your elevator.


While it can be a pain to have to get an elevator safety test, it is definitely a good thing to do. From a financial standpoint, it protects you not only from fines, but from the lawsuits and other penalties that would arise from an injury. You'll also be able to rest easy knowing that you won't get a call one day about an injury, stuck elevator, or other catastrophic problem at your building. Having an elevator mechanic test your equipment on a regular basis is a conscientious practice that has no serious downsides.


If you're in Alberta, contact us here at Ryzure Elevator for your Category 5 test or any other elevator safety test today. We'll check everything out so you can get the needed certification long before the deadline rush. If everything is fine, we'll sign off on it once the inspection is complete. Of course, we're also able to fix any problems that are detected, so your elevator will be safe right away.

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