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Elevator Maintenance

  What is Needed for Elevator Maintenance?

There are two basic types of elevator maintenance, and both need to be done regularly. One involves caring for the elevator's interior, and the other deals with the motor, cables, electronics, and other such parts.


The inside of an elevator should be cleaned much like the rest of the building. All shiny parts should be polished to preserve the finish, and the floor should be mopped or vacuumed. The buttons also need to be spritzed with cleanser and then wiped down. In a busy building, this may need to be done nightly or even more. Less-used elevators may not need to be cleaned as frequently, but once or twice a week will still be needed to avoid dustiness and a musty smell. This cleaning is essential for preserving the overall good looks of the building and avoiding an impression of dinginess and disrepair.


Mechanical elevator maintenance is needed less frequently, but is actually more essential. This is what keeps the elevator both safe and working. Elevator maintenance companies are needed for this part. Even if you can figure out how to do it yourself, regulations typically require that the work be done by a certified contractor.


Typically, this sort of elevator maintenance includes things like oiling and greasing moving parts, checking belts and cables, and replacing anything deemed to be worn out. However, elevator maintenance companies also offer upgraded contracts, which can focus on lowering operating costs, enhanced protection, and more. Since professional maintenance is required by law, it is an investment that companies must make regardless. Lowering operating costs helps you recoup some of that cost, so adding this to the maintenance contract is often a good idea.

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