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Elevator Installer

  What You Might Hear when Hiring an Elevator Installer

If you decide to add an elevator to your building, you will probably have guessed that it could be a major undertaking. However, this is not always the case. The biggest determinant of the size of the job will be whether or not you are replacing an old elevator or are adding one where there never was one before.


An elevator installer will have little trouble if you're just having an old unit replaced. The shaft, wiring, and other essentials are already there. Even so, it will take some time to string all of the cables, get the new car into position, and replace any machinery deemed incompatible with the new system.


If your building has never had an elevator in the place where you want to put one, it is a much bigger project. It will require some substantial reconstruction to make a shaft and install the support beams needed to suspend the elevator car. New electrical cables will need to be added, and a small room will need to be dedicated to the machinery that makes the elevator go up and down. This makes a new installation take longer and cost more, but it can be well worth it if your building currently suffers from foot traffic congestion due to having inadequate elevator capacity.


Once your new elevator is in place, elevator installers and repair technicians will want to set you up with a maintenance contract. This is not only needed to ensure that legally-mandated inspections are done on time, but also to prevent problems from arising due to system neglect. You can choose the same elevator installers and repair technicians that did the initial installation, or look for other companies to do the ongoing work.

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